Merit University opens an international medical city 2020.

In a new step for the Taiba educational group on the road to reconstruction and the advancement of education in Upper Egypt, Dr. Seddik  Afifi, together with the members of the Board of Trustees of Merit University in Sohag, visited the university construction site, where he assured everyone of adherence to the timetable and the opening of the university in September 2020, God willing.

A meeting was held with  Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, Governor of Sohag, who blessed this move and promised to provide any necessary facilities by the governorate. He commended on what was presented by Dr. Jamal Qureshi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, that the first stage of the university’s work will be a global medical city with five colleges in the medical field as a contribution from the university in filling the current deficit in doctors and supportive medical professions.