Admission Procedure

Applying Steps

  • Students seeking admission to the university must fill in an Application Form, which can be obtained at Merit website.
  • Completed application forms should be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Registration electronically or in person.
  • The Office of Admission reviews the applications and documents carefully and promptly.
  • Qualified applicants are promptly given a Letter of Acceptance. In certain cases the application may be placed on a waiting list or referred to the respective college for final decision.

English Placement Test

All new students are required to take an English Placement Test. The results of this test will determine the level of English courses to be taken by each student as a university requirement. Students whose results show noticeable deficiency in English language skills will be required to enroll in remedial non-credit English courses.

Medical Examination

New and transfer students are required to take a medical examination at the University Medical Clinic. This must be done before the registration period as declared in the university calendar.