Required Documents

A. Freshman Students

1. Completed Admission Application.

2. Official Certificate of General Secondary Education or equivalent.

3. Birth Certificate.

4. 6 Personal photographs (passport size).

5. Form “2 GOND” (for male Egyptian Students, can be obtained from the post office).

6.Military card for male Egyptians above nineteen years of age. For those above twenty-two an official document stating the military status should be submitted.


7. Copy of ID card or passport (for non-Egyptian students).

B. Transfer Students

Applicants transferring from other educational institutions must submit all documents listed above in addition to the following documents :

  1. An official transcript from the applicant’s former college detailing the curriculum and the official grades obtained. Foreign transcripts must be certified by the issuing institution and authenticated by an Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin.

2- A detailed description of all the courses and grades during years of study , certified by the issuing institution (authenticated from the Egyptian Embassy for foreign students).

The number of credits to be transferred must not exceed 50% of the graduation requirements at Merit.