Geographical location

The university is located in new Sohag city in upper Egypt , which is one of the most important governorates of Egypt., The university is established on an area of about 150,000 m2

Why New Sohag ?

• The location chosen for the university is appropriate for academic, ethical, and educational purposes.
• Away from environmental pollution.
• The university is close to the main roads and Axes , thus serving a very wide area .

Why was Merit’s name chosen?

Merit’s name was chosen for the university, as it reflects merit, worthy and excellence
Significance: Merit is “Princess Merit Amun” and she is the fourth daughter of King Ramses II, and she became the queen after the death of her mother. She was also “a priestess of the goddess Hathor, who undertook the rituals of her, So she was called Merit Amun, which means Beloved of Amun .
The statue of the princess is located at the Temple of Ramses II in the city of Akhmim in Sohag Governorate, which is a sign of the historical association of the University with Pharaonic civilization.

Means of Transportation

Means of transportation are available from all centers of the governorate and neighbouring governorates, in addition to university-owned transportation for those who wish.

1- Aviation

The distance between the university and the airport is (10) minutes

2- Merit Buses

Buses are available from main areas.


3- Trains

The distance between the university and Sohag’s train station is 20 minutes.