Required Documents

A. Freshman Students

General Required documents for all Certificates

•Original birth certificate for Egyptian applicants.

•For non-Egyptians applicants, the original birth certificate must be stamped by their Embassy then by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in case it wasn’t stamped from their country.

•6 passport-size photos

•Copy of National ID (for Egyptian) or Copy of the passport ( for foreigners only).

•Military Service Form “2-3 Gond” , for Egyptian males applicants only.

•An “Approval Letter” for applying to the University issued by the Embassy they are related to (for foreigners only).

B. Transfer Students

Transfer students must submit all documents listed for general required documents that related to their High School certificate in addition to the following documents :

• An official transcript stamped from the  previous university beside an (“Enrollment Letter” in Arabic).

• Course description for all the previous study courses stamped from the previous university.

• Transfer foreign applicants from out of Egypt must stamp their documents and transcripts from the Egyptian Embassy.

• The number of credits to be transferred must not exceed 50% of the graduation requirements at Merit University.

• The above mentioned rules and regulations are subject to change in accordance with the Ministry of Higher Education.

• Acceptance will be according to grades attained in previous university and places available at MUE.

• Transfer students who are willing to be enrolled in a major different from their previous one, will be registered as freshman students regardless of the number of credit hours transferred to them.