Faculty of Physical Therapy


The Faculty of Physical Therapy at Merit University aims to attain a leading stature among physical therapy colleges in Egypt and the world, and to be competitive at the global level among colleges of physical therapy and medical rehabilitation.


The Faculty of Physical Therapy at Merit University aims to qualify graduates competent in practicing the profession and capable of providing patients with health care, through an advanced scientific program and advanced clinical training.

Scientific Departments

The Faculty of Physical Therapy «Merit University» comprises five scientific departments:
  • Department of Basic Sciences
  • Department of Physical Therapy for Internal Medicine
  • Department of Orthopedics Physical Therapy
  • Department for Woman and Child Health
  • Physical Therapy Department for Neurology

Degree Awarded

The Faculty of Physical Therapy of Merit University grants a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy, Also it is accepted in the registration of Egyptian Medical Syndicate.

Duration of Study

The duration of the study at the faculty of Physical Therapy is five academic years plus a year of advanced training (residency).

Language and System of Study

Studying in the faculty of physical therapy (College of Physiotherapy) is in English. It is allowed to teach a few courses in Arabic after University Council approval based on a proposal of the College Board.
The study system is based on enabling students to acquire knowledge, understanding, and various applied and mental scientific skills using modern methods in theoretical and practical teaching. The general system of study is the credit hour system.